A decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryp

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About UCA Coin

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UCA Coin was founded to successfully place the UCA Coin – a decentralised payment coin – in the world of cryptocurrencies. Its goal is to create a union of many companies to establish the UCA Coin as a stable cryptocurrency with long-term success.

The UCA Coin is held by many alliance partners around the world, and it is this global distribution that makes the UCA Coin so special. Instead of relying on a single initiator, in this instance many partners act simultaneously, around the clock, and in many areas of the world. The options for advertising, distribution and price increases are unlimited, and are not bound by national borders, language borders or anything else.

Token Basic Information

Why cryptocurrency?

Money, in and of itself, is nothing. It can be a shell, a metal coin, or a piece of paper with a historic image on it, but the value that people place on it has nothing to do with the physical value of the money. Money is valuable merely because everyone knows everyone else will accept it as a form of payment. Bitcoin released in 2009 became the gold standard—so to speak—for virtual currencies.

The technology behind cryptocurrencies like the UCA Coin, i.e. the potential of the blockchain, that has a wide fascination in almost all layers of the population. Even if we are still in the early phase of crypto (r)evolution, the first blockchain-based business models will soon be successful in the mass market and restructure entire industries.

Every third person considers cryptocurrencies. Above all, independence from the monetary policy of the central banks, high returns and anonymity make digital currencies interesting for many.

The concept behind The UCA Coin design

The UCA philosophy was also reflected in the design of the coin and logo. The UCA coin as part of everyday life in small ( symbol of an atom) to large (stars) shows that there are no limits to the UCA coin. The global connection of all elements of the universe in connection with the UCA logo is shown on the front.

On the back, four people interlock with the help of the Celtic knot. The Celtic knot symbolizes lines that represent infinity and stand for loyalty, friendship and business. The UCA Coin connects: the future with the past, the world and its people.

UCA Coin UCACARD – Getting started in crypto

Through the UCA CARD, the United Crypto Alliance (UCA) has developed a tool which makes it possible for everyone on the planet to purchase UCA Coin, even without a cryptowallet. The UCA CARD is available in various denominations, so a small investment is enough to make your first purchase. This makes the UCA Coin an interesting investment opportunity in every country in the world. Every time someone buys UCA CARD, the community grows and the UCA Coin is distribution.

As the community grows, the acceptance of the UCA grows and the price rises. The UCA CARD is available in a digital version and as a physical card, which can be individually adapted to the needs of the UCA’s alliance partners. The UCA’s long-term prospects in terms of price increases and success look very positive, making it an interesting option for investors of all sizes.

To a large extent, revenue raised by UCA Card sales goes back into advertisement, distribution and stabilisation of the UCA Coin in order to ensure solid, stable currency. By acquiring UCA Coins, user is able to exchange UCA Coins for other cryptocurrencies on the currently listed stock exchanges or receive payment as fiat money. The simplest way into the world of cryptocurrencies thus far.


Acceptance of a cryptocurrency is enhanced by the introduction of a realistic scope of application. Aside from the digital world, renewable energies are among the most important industries worldwide. With part of the revenue obtained from the UCA Coin, the UCA is financing the development and production of clean energy.

A single system supplies universally deployable electricity for family homes and large industrial facilities alike, and makes access to renewable energy as simple and cost-effective as possible. In addition, an extensive portfolio of at least 20 other products will initially be available for sale in the clean energy sector. A proportion of the derived profits will be reinvested in the UCA Coin to, for example, run a UCA Coin burn which restricts the quantity and thus increases the value.

Genuine payment coin

The UCA Coin has been developed as a genuine payment coin. At its launch, the UCA Coin will be
instantly tradeable on 3 exchanges, and the goal is to list the UCA Coin on at least one key exchange in the next 2 years. After its launch and stock exchange listing, the UCA Coin will immediately be listed in a payment gateway used by more than 2 million shops.

It is not guaranteed that all of these shops will accept the UCA Coin as a means of payment, as each shop operator can decide individually. Further connection points planned. With each alliance partner, acceptance and awareness of the UCA Coin increases. The UCA is also planning, among other things, distribution and connection to POS and ATM devices in cooperation with external providers already established on the market.

UCA Coins with the UCA CARD

In the main phase of the ICO (13.10.2019 – Q2 2020), UCA Coin can be purchased, which can be traded on the provided exchanges from Q2 2020. The UCA Coins can be purchased at the listed exchanges or with the help of the UCACARD. The ICO price of UCA Coin is 0.02 € and a maximum of 3 billion UCA Coins will be issued.

How the mobile app works

Download App

Download the app to your mobile form the google play store or from the apple store directly.

Receive UCA

On the bottom menu, navigate to “Receive”. It displays your public key and QR code what anyone can scan and send you the amount of UCA Coin they want or you have requested.

Or if you want to request a specific amount of UCA, you can add the amount and generate a special QR code for this fix amount. Then they scan this QR code to do the transaction.

Pay with UCA

To pay with UCA you need to have the public key of another wallet. You can either type or paste this key in or, on the top right corner there is an icon to scan a QR code. Once you gave wallet has the address, you just fill out the amount and click send and the coins will be transferred.

Export keys

To make sure you have always access to your wallet, you can export your private key. Go to “settings” then “show private address” and copy your private key. You can print it out you can save it to another device so in case you lose your phone you can access your wallet again.

Get UCA Coin

Download App

With the app you can immediately receive UCACoin from others even if you do not have any.

Trade it

UCACoin is listed on 3 Trades: FINEXBOX,Crex24 and Stex, where you can exchange your UCA to fiat or to other currencies.

Alliance partner

As a business and alliance partner you accept UCACoin payments from all around the world. Direct wallet to wallet transfer. And thanks to United Crypto Alliance you will be discovered by all our members.

UCA Coin specifications

The UCA Coin is based on a Pivx fork, improved by the following features:

  • Segwit protocol applied: fast transaction approx. 300 tx/s
  • DNS hardcoded
  • Supersecure
  • Consesus by masternode
  • POS 3.0. stake fixed
  • Fast transactions featuring guaranteed zero confirmation transaction: Instantsend
  • Intregated BIP38, multisignature, blockexplorer, wallet repair and multisend functions in wallet

Coin Staking

Each wallet that contains UCA Coins that are at least 10 hours old, have 15 confirmations and
approved for staking participates in the staking. Wallets compete with each other and the number of coins determines the probability of my wallet generating the next block. In addition, the wallet must be fully synchronised.


Masternodes form an important part of the network and help to accelerate transactions. They are therefore rewarded with 70% of the block reward. Statistically, each masternode receives the same proportion. For the Coin launch, in order to operate a masternode 150,000 Coins must be stored in the wallet as “collateral”.


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